Metrinos is the primary villain in the Jeniyus Adventures.


For as long as he can remember, Johnathan Plume has possessed an insatiable greed. To satisfy his greed, he became a supervillain and called himself Metrinos. He decided that the top one percent of the world would be the best targets for his larceny, as they had the most money. He refuses to steal from anyone else. He will, mainly, steal from museums owned by these families. Whatever sum of money the stolen goods were worth came out of their pockets. Other times, he will empty out their personal bank vaults, but only at night when no one is there, and no one can get hurt.

Meeting JeniyusEdit

One evening, Metrinos was attempting to steal a large diamond from a museum owned by a family of the top one percent. After carefully cutting out a circle in the center of the glass container, he reached in, and took hold of the diamond. Then, he heard footsteps behind him, and whirled around to see Jeniyus standing before him, holding a sword that was completely blue. Metrinos was utterly stunned. He had never seen a superhero forever, as they had disappeared over 200 years ago. The two engaged in battle over the fate of the diamond. Eventually, Metrinos came out the victor, Jeniyus being a complete novice. Metrinos was quite intrigued by this strange new superhero, and took Jeniyus to his lair. When Jeniyus awakened, the two conversed for a time. Jeniyus wouldn't tell him why she had become a superhero, instead stating that it was too long a story. She did, however, explain that she had to oppose a supervillain monthly. Metrinos, smiling broadly, took a bow and said that he would be honored to be the supervillain she clashed against. He said that having a superhero around would make things more interesting. After a short time, he released Jeniyus, not wanting to keep her from her friends and family for too long. Although, he warned her that he would be trying to capture her in the future to keep her out of the way of his heists. After his heists, he explained, he would release her again. Jeniyus nodded solemnly and went her separate way. That evening, Metrinos sat in his lair, gazing at the stars from a large window, smiling, and thought, "Things have gotten so entertaining since I became a supervillain."


Metrinos has the power to fly, shoot energy rays, generate barriers, and create things with his powers. He obtained his powers in a similiar fashion to Jeniyus, only he stole the power syringes from a lab.